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As noted in the home page, this organization is all about the love and use of Cb Radio not only as a hobby, but as a full time enjoyment. When you look back at movies like 'Smokey and the Bandit' or shows like 'The Dukes of Hazzard' you see that you can not only have fun using a radio with your friends (And what I mean by that is LEGALLY) but also use it to keep in close contact with family whether it's in town, several miles away, or even farther depending on how the DX and weather conditions are in your local area. Sure, we've all got our other forms of communication like home and cell phones since they are a major convenience for that everyday person on the move. And who doesn't have one? Almost no one these days.

But that's where the similarities end. I try to listen and watch for anyone who could possibly be on the airwaves and unless you're gear jammer flying along the highways listening for the latest smokey bear report or if the local weigh station is open or not, you won't hear much anymore. Sure, there's the local DX you can listen to on a good clear day but unless you're running a modified or base station radio there really isn't much chance of them hearing you. But if you're really into being on the airwaves, Amateur and Ham radio is usually the way to go in situations like that.

But in this group we dare to challenge that facade. I want anyone who joins us to get those radios out of your closets, shacks, attics, wherever you have them collecting unneeded dust at and bring them out. Clean them up, get their juices flowing, and get back to transmitting like what was possible back in simpler times where things weren't so complicated nor did you need to have a license to transmit on the airwaves. As for me, well I'm on the airwaves pretty much everyday when I'm not working and due to my fathers diligence before his passing, I have amassed quite a collection of newer and vintage radios. All of which you can view in our photo gallery.

And if you're curious as to what I own, well I'm not going to list every last brand and model. That in itself would probably take longer than what I would like. But to give you a clue I'll list off the brands: Lafayette, Cobra, Uniden, Midland, Texas Ranger, President, Robyn, Realistic, JcPenney, Kraco, Colt, Dak, SBE, Craig, Galaxy, and an SMR Striker. And knowing that one of these is a marine radio of which I'll probably never use doesn't make much of a difference. I already know that there are many more of you that have more than I'll ever possibly own. But there are still others out there that are content with one, two, and maybe even just three radios. But to discriminate against something like that is just plain ridiculous. We would never do that here and if it were to happen, guarantee it would be dealt with immediately.

Anyway I digress. Now back to the ham/amateur radio hobby. When it comes to licensing, I'm sure ham/amateur radio is a great way to go and I am looking into possibly joining that realm myself in the future. I've seen and watched plenty of videos on YouTube and would in no way say anything against those guys. Every video I've seen has had nothing but welcoming and helpful folks that would do anything to help a new ham get on the airwaves. And where can you go wrong with that?

But to me, nothing still beats being able to talk to your friend just across town as he/she sits in his/her house or driveway tinkering around with one thing or another. I was able to get my wife into the hobby somehow so why not you?

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